Lucky Paws


Our clients depend on us to treat their four-legged friends with the care and love they deserve.

We do our best to meet and exceed their standards.

Please read for yourself what our clients have to say about "Lucky Paws."

"I bumped into Olivia while walking my Boston Terrier Rue in March of this year and I got a good feeling about her right from the start. If you are like me, you can easily tell who genuinely likes dogs and who does not. Olivia is obviously a dog lover and I would not feel comfortable leaving my baby in the care of someone who isn't. She has been walking Rue twice a day for me since March (my work hours can be long and unpredictable) and she has not only been completely reliable and professional, but she also goes above and beyond to be communicative and also to help with training and behavioral issues. Rue did not even know how to sit when Olivia started walking her and now she knows all the basics and even a few fun tricks. Oh, and when your dog walker throws a mini birthday party for your dog, you know you've found the one. I would not even consider using anyone else. I trust Olivia with Rue 100% and on the few occasions when I've been home when she came by to pick Rue up for her walk, it was immediately clear to me that Rue feels the same. I think Olivia even gets a better greeting from Rue than I do! Look no further. You've found the one. Olivia is the best."

~ Ross H. (Rue & Dexter)

"Olivia and Jay started walking Gibson, our adorable, yet sometimes unruly, lab/ shephard mix in April of 2013. I am so happy we found them! Lucky Paws is extremely reliable, always letting us know when they come and go, and if anything about the walk was unusual. I never have to worry about Gibs after I leave the house in the morning, as I know she'll be cared for (and I'm a worry'er). They are very easy to communicate with and flexible, which was key for us, as our work hours can be a bit unpredictable! They have also successfully worked to calm Gibs down and helped her to walk under control. Most importantly, when I occasionally run into either Olivia or Jay in the neighborhood, they always have new things to tell me about Gibs, and I can tell they truly care about her!

We've also boarded Gibs with them on a number of occasions. Dropping her with Lucky Paws lets us relax on our vacation, rather than worrying about the dog. They are always happy to send an update or a pic as to how she's doing. Gibs is always excited to be left with Olivia, and then depressed her first day back home! We highly recommend Lucky Paws!"

~ Abigail J. (Gibson)

"We began using Lucky Paws in January of 2013 for our 10.5 year old golden retriver, Fiona. My dog is my favorite creature in the world and I am highly conscious of getting her the very best care when I am not available. As soon as I met Olivia, I knew she would be a great fit for Fiona - she is energetic and clearly loves my dog but at the same time takes the business very seriously and conducts herself with total professionalism. Olivia walks Fiona every day and has already taken her for a few weekends of dogsitting while we traveled. I get regular text message updates on her walks and have even received photos of Fiona playing while we were away. My dog loves Olivia and I can rest assured knowing that she is receiving excellent care. I highly recommend Lucky Paws! PS - Olivia has also given Fiona a bath - with great results!"

~ Kate B. (Fiona)

"Our dog Max is a pit bull mix we adopted when he was 8 months old in December 2012. While super friendly toward people and other animals, he has a strong "leader of the pack" personality and loves to test his boundaries... so he needs consistent handling by someone who really understands dogs.

Lucky Paws has been walking Max from the beginning, and have been really outstanding with him. He quickly took to Olivia and his daily walks. Olivia worked with us to understand how we handle him and react to certain behaviors, so he gets positive reinforcement when he's good and appropriate correction when he misbehaves, consistent with our training at home. In short order was able to "graduate" from individual walks to group walks. He also has fun boarding with Lucky Paws when we go out of town for weekends, and we feel better knowing he's in good familiar hands and in a nice environment. Olivia keeps us up to date on how he's doing or if he's seeming out of sorts, and we appreciate getting text messages every time Max is out for a walk. Overall, we (and Max) couldn't be happier with Lucky Paws!"

~ Paul S. (Max)

"We have just recently adopted Lucy, a 4 month lab mixed from North Shore Animal League. Apart from being the sweetest and most temperamental dog, she also do not like the sound of moving vehicles particularly garbage trucks or anything loud in general. That alone makes walking her around the neighborhood very difficult. Every time my boyfriend and I try to take her out for a walk, she display her fear of moving cars and sounds by refusing to walk, dragging the leash away from us and her favorite move of all time, sitting on her ass and refusing to move!

I met Olivia while on my daily struggles to walk Lucy around the neighborhood. She always has a bright smile and always stop to say hello. Finally after a couple of weeks of failing to walk my dog, I called her to seek her help to train Lucy to walk correctly, knowing how important it is to train the puppy from a young age before they grow older.

Within a week, we begin to see positive results. Not only does Olivia trains her to walk correctly, she also teaches her how to do tricks such as sit, stay, up, etc. No longer do we have to struggle to put the harness on and carry her to her pee spot when Lucy refuses to walk in the middle of the sidewalk. It's been almost 2 weeks since I've Olivia trained my dog and I am already walking her with much ease on my own. This is my first time enlisting a dog trainer and I highly recommend her! Not only does she knows what she is doing, Olivia never rushes thru a class and always give you tips on how to train your dog/puppy. We are extremely happy with the training progress!"

~ Janet C. (Lucy)

We came to know Olivia because she regularly walks our next door neighbor's dog. Just from seeing her interact with the dogs she takes care of, I knew that I could trust her with our puppy JellyBean (9 months old). After just a couple of walks with her, Jelly Bean became so attached. In fact, every time she would come by to pick up our neighbor's dog, Jelly Bean would wag his tail excitedly and bark through the door (which he rarely does) so that he could hang with Olivia and the dogs.

I have entrusted Olivia with walking Jelly Bean, as well as with day boarding, and she is always great about providing updates (when our dog has been picked up/dropped off), texts, pictures, and an occasional video when he is doing something cute. She is also great about giving us suggestions regarding Jelly Bean's behaviors (as we are new puppy parents). I would definitely recommend her and her team for their professionalism and apparent passion for our four-legged pups!

~ Michelle L. (Jellybean)

Olivia, from Lucky Paws was recommended to me by the front desk at my building in LIC. I called and spoke with Olivia, who wanted to come over and meet my shih-tzu, Beantown before walking her and to fill out paperwork regarding important info. about my dog as well as contact info. She was incredibly professional and seemed to have a way with my pup immediately. Olivia has been walking Bean for a number of months and always sends a message of when she is picked up and dropped off. She lets me know about all that happens on the walk and sends cute photos, which I love! She has also kept her overnight when my husband and I had to go away last minute and was incredibly helpful and worked with our schedules, which we appreciate so much. She really has a way with animals and is a true animal lover/charmer. Bean loves her and has also become so much better at interacting with other dogs since Olivia has been walking her. Overall, Lucky Paws has been a 5 star experience for us and we would recommend her to anyone!

~ Khara M. (Beantown)

We met Olivia in August of 2013 a few weeks after adopting our puppy. We were impressed by her professionalism and the time she spent with us in our first meeting. Our adoptive puppy initially had difficulty walking on a leash a problem that Olivia quickly remedied. Our dog became apart of pack, became use to being around larger dogs, and has since understood basic commands that Olivia taught him.

Olivia will also send you daily updates and her love and knowledge of dogs is apparent. Unfortunately we had to move away to Westchester and have yet to find a dogwalker as wonderful as Olivia and we miss her every day. If you have the chance to get an appointment with her we cannot recommend her more highly.

~ Jon P. (Ralf)

"Olivia is the absolute best! She took care of our 3 cats - 2 of whom are special needs and require medication. She was wonderful with them- and even the shyest was comfortable with her. Olivia came to our place to meet them before we went away for the long weekend. She is professional, caring, and knowledgeable. She sent us text message updates while we were away to let us know how they were doing. It was such a relief to have someone who we really feel we can trust care for our kitties and also trust with the key to our apartment. We will be using her every time we go away and are soo happy we found her!!"

~ Jessica R. (Ronnie, Bee Bee, Abby)

 "Lucky Paws (Olivia) took care of our two bunnies for three days when we were traveling recently and Olivia is absolutely fantastic! She came by a few days before we left to meet the bunnies and she asked all the right questions which made us feel at ease about going away and the bunnies took to her right away. They could tell she is an animal person :)

When we were away, Olivia sent updates on how the bunnies were doing and she made sure that we got home to the bunnies as planned. We can wholeheartedly recommend Lucky Paws and Olivia and we will definitely ask Olivia to take care of the bunnies when we go away next time!"

~ Sandra L. (Roger & Mus)

"We received Olivia's information from a friend/client of hers and we have been simply stunned by the effect she's had on our two cats as well as her level of professionalism. We had a larger company coming by our home to them previously but were very frustrated by the lack of service we were paying for. When I go out of town and constantly have to check the alarm system to see if the cats were fed, then there is a problem. With that being said, we were a little nervous trying someone new but totally ready at the same time. We often have to go for 2 weeks at a time out of town and both trips since Olivia started coming by have been completely seamless. Even our usually skittish cat ADORES her and when we return they're so loving and happy - a complete 180 degree turn from the old sitter. You could tell they were usually mad at us/higher levels of anxiety/making themselves sick. She sends texts and photos that make us (and apparently them as well!) feel completely at ease. We highly recommend her services!"

~ Brandy W. (Valkyrie & Wan Chai)

My dogs are 11 1/2 & 9 years old and they have been my pups since they were 8 weeks old. Over the years, I have hired many dog walkers. Some have been excellent and some not so good. Unfortunately, my older dog is not the most social dog (he has dog-on-dog aggression issues and my younger dog becomes shy around other dogs because of my older one), so it has made finding the right person to care for them when I can't to be a challenge.

Over the years I have tried to find remedies to this problem by hiring trainers and behaviorists. I've spent countless dollars but nothing ever got resolved. Shortly after I moved to LIC, I met Olivia on the street while she was walking some dogs and was immediately struck by her demeanor both in her interaction with me, and especially in her interactions with the dogs she was walking. I hired her on my intuition and I have no words to describe how lucky I feel to have met her that day. Olivia turned out to be a godsend for me and my dogs!

Not only has she rehabilitated my dogs, but she has done so with care, love and compassion. She treats my dogs as if they were her own and because of that, she has been able to make progress with them that no one else has been able to come close to making. I board them with Olivia when I go away and after all her hard work they can now hang out with the other dogs and even go for group walks! She is professional and hardworking and although she is running a business, you wouldn't know it by how much she cares. And my dogs LOVE HER! […] If you're looking for someone to look after your dog, you MUST hire Olivia and the Lucky Paws team!

~ Lindsay B. (Brady & Nora)